Hunting Essentials

Hi everyone,

Today’s post is going to be about Hunting Essentials which will includes, tents, foods, weapon equipment etc, everything you should be thinking about when planning a trip hunting.

Here’s my current list of what I usually take on most of my hunts:

1) Tent

2) Crossbow / Rifle

3) Crossbow / Rifle Scope

4) Food!!

5) Lighting, gas preferably

6) Portable Gas cooker

7) Nightvision and normal binoculars

8) Deer Attractant

9) Quality Hunting Clothing and overalls(incase of weather problems)

10) GPS Rangefinders

hunting gear

One other important essential is contact equipment, as most people will be out of range for cell phone use its probably best to have some sort of route planned that a friend or family can have in-case they do not hear from you, there are also satellite phones which can be used, however the ones I have seen are rather expensive.

When looking for equipment, its always a good idea to surf the web and see what deals you can get otherwise you might end up paying a fortune, a popular website I have found to be of use is Bow and Hunt, I recently purchased a new crossbow scope which I believe to be the best crossbow scope out at the moment, it has helped me so much on my hunts!

I will be adding some of my own equipment reviews in the near future, if you have any decent equipment, please share in the comments below and I will do a write up on it!